Racecar Apple Snack

fun apple snacks for kids Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

Fun, healthy, and delicious. What’s not to like about making snacks into crafts?

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun combining snack time and craft time.  Because, hey, what’s more fun than snacks and crafts, right?!  It’s been fun turning our snacks into kids’ crafts.  I really like the way these apple slice race cars turned out.  I can’t take credit for this idea, though, as that goes to Cristi from Bent on Better Lunches.  I did think I was being pretty clever when I used string cheese for the wheels, although, it really didn’t look as cute as the grapes.

What You Need to Make Race Car Apple Snacks

  • Apple
  • Grapes and/or String Cheese
  • Toothpicks

Fun Racecar Snack Craft Supplies 300x179 Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

Fun Racecar Snack Craft Supplies

Toothpick Axles for Racecar Apple Snacks 300x212 Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

Stick two toothpicks through each of your apple slices.


Grape Wheels for Racecar Apple Snack 300x179 Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

Cut your grapes in half to make wheels for your race car.


String Cheese Tires for Racecar Snack 300x209 Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

We also sliced some string cheese to make tires for our race car snack.

Traffic Jam 300x179 Crafting with Food:  Racecar Snacks from Apple Slices

Affix your wheels to the toothpicks, and you’ve got an awesome kids’ craft that they can eat!

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